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The Difference Between Oak and Pine Furniture

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Oak and Pine are often used to make furniture.

Pine tends to be a soft wood but is fairly hard wearing and is much lighter in weight than pine is. Pine grows at a faster rate than Oak which is why it is cheaper. Pine is available in its natural white-wood but can also be waxed or stained in a variety of colours.

Oak tends to take longer to grow and the tree needs more tending to which is why it is more expensive than Pine. Oak is usually stained to enhance the natural grain in it and been a hardwood it is stronger and will last many years if  looked after properly.

Getting the most out of Pine Furniture

Monday, May 9th, 2011

A wardrobe, chest of drawers or a bed will always look timeless and suit any home’s design and style. However, less apparent are the inherent pitfalls when purchasing pine furniture. For example, although the pine may be stained, creating many different shades and colours, the quality of the wood should still be plainly visible in the grain.

This is a unique and important feature, as each piece of pine is completely different to every other piece. In short, pine grain is like a human finger-print.

Another thing to consider before even purchasing the pine is whether the wood has been properly preserved (even if untreated). If you purchase pine furniture which has not been well preserved, it will have a much shorter life span as well as being more susceptible to distorting or even breaking.

The craftsmanship of the furniture comes second to preservation. The difference between a bad piece of pine furniture and a well-preserved, correctly crafted piece of pine furniture is considerable. A piece which is hand-crafted may be slightly more expensive, but they will have longevity and character that machine-made pieces lack.

Although it is good to examine the furniture yourself, to make sure the pine has been looked after, many people pay over the odds for pine furniture in stores and warehouses. Some of the best deals for pine furniture are found online, and prices are often cheaper and more competitive.

Once you have selected a piece you like, you may want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. It is always good to treat the furniture (if untreated) to avoid contortions which can arise from changes in temperature and moisture levels. A stylistic benefit of treating your furniture is the colours which can be achieved. Either a light coat, to create a crisp contemporary style, or a heavier coating, making for a dark, antique-looking piece.

Create a cosy atmosphere with pine furniture

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Beyond the obvious benefits of its durable construction, ease of protection and its ability to work in a number of styles and rooms around the house, pine furniture in particular is a great way of lending your home and aged and cosy atmosphere. Even one or two pieces can transform the look of room, and leave your house feeling a lot more like a home. 

The kitchen is in many ways the engine room of the house. It’s bound to be full of life with food being prepared, children running around and muddying the floor, and, of course, a fair amount of lounging around. It becomes something of a social hub meaning many families spend a lot of quality time there, so it’s important that it’s the kind of place you can all feel comfortable and at home. An oak or pine dining table is a great centrepiece that everyone can gather around, and it’s bound to be tough enough to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of the home. The two wood types give you the choice between dark and light, whereas pine is the perfect material to add a splash of colour to. Painted pine can really make your kitchen more dynamic and welcoming as well as presenting a great opportunity to express yourself. 

Giving your bedroom that cosy feeling with all the benefits of a truly robust construction is easily done with some pine bedroom furniture. The bed itself is naturally the most important piece in the room so getting it right is paramount. Natural wood grain can really stand out as something to be proud of among other more synthetic furniture materials and may even influence other furniture choices, whether in the bedroom or around the house. Pair your pine bed with pine wardrobes to give your bedroom a feeling of continuity.