Choosing a Mattress.

Choosing a mattress is essential for a good nights sleep. Everyone has different sleep needs but the majority of people need at least 7-9 hours quality sleep per night. A noisy enviroment, the room temperature or an uncomfortable mattress can all contribute to a poor nights sleep. Lack of sleep can cause memory loss, irritability and can increase stress levels.

The two important things to consider when looking for a new mattress are comfort and support.

Foam Mattresses

These are often inexpensive but offer little support and shouldnt be slept on regularly. They are good for use in a guest room.


Support comes from the springs inside the mattress and the comfort comes from the padding. Both should mould to your body and support your spine.

Foam Topper (Part Sprung Part Foam)

These are part sprung and part foam, giving you the support from the springs but at the same time giving you the comfort of the foam. Our Supreme Vasco Memory Foam and Pocket Sprung Mattress is fantastic for supporting key areas such as the Neck, Back and Shoulders. All which lead to a great nights sleep.

A good Mattress is an important investment for your health and a great nights sleep, leaving you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.





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