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Real wood furniture: a good investment

Friday, December 24th, 2010

These days, people have more choice than ever before when it comes to furniture. Retail chains and online stores are stuffed full of cabinets, tables, beds, bookcases and kitchen units in all manner of woods, colours and sizes. Unfortunately increased choice does not always mean increased quality, and the modern marketplace is full of cheap, sub-standard furniture.

Wood-effect furniture has become increasingly abundant in the past couple of decades, due to its relatively low prices and a great variety of choices when it comes to colours and finishes. However, though it may appear to be similar to real wood furniture, this similarity is only surface deep. Beneath an attractive foiled on finish often lies low-grade MDF or chipboard. The result is furniture which will not last as long as its real wood counterparts.

Furthermore, in real wood furniture can be found the beauty of a natural wood grain, and for many people this natural look and feel is far superior to any mass-produced man-made finishes. Having real wood such as in pine furniture or oak furniture can be a highly rewarding experience that adds a whole new ambience to your home. Best of all, real wood furniture can last a lifetime.