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Preserving memories with wooden display cabinets

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

For anyone with a large collection of trophies or a prized collection of ornaments, keeping such cherished possessions in mint condition whilst also showing them off in full view can be a tall order. Purchasing a display cabinet in which to house them is an ideal and elegant solution that combines the need to preserve with the desire to display.

A good display cabinet should of course have plenty of room for all your items. Most feature a number of shelves, normally between three and five. Ensuring that there’s plenty of space to display your existing pieces and any future additions you might acquire is of course a high priority. But it’s also essential to consider the aesthetic qualities of the display cabinet itself, and how well it fits into your overall decor.

Buying a cabinet made of a quality wood, such as Oak or Ash, can provide not only many years of durability but also a highly attractive appearance. When choosing a wooden display cabinet, it’s important to find a design that compliments the items that you wish to display within it, rather than overpowering them with its own visual qualities.

A display cabinet is a sound furniture investment, as not only does it provide an attractive showcase for your pieces, it also keeps them protected from damage and wear and tear.