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Pine furniture maintenance tips

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Pine wood is an incredibly versatile, robust and affordable material for home furniture. Whether in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, pine furniture can look great as part of your overall decor for many years, provided that it is properly maintained and looked after.

Pine is a softwood, and usually contains a variety of knots and imperfections which add to its character. These are physical reminders that, while the furniture itself may be man-made, the wood it is constructed from is of natural origin, and so should be treated accordingly.

Do not place near extreme heat or cold - Changes in temperature can cause the fibres within the wood to either expand or contract. This in turn can result in cracks and warping which will shorten the lifespan of your furniture and negatively affect its aesthetic appearance. Avoid placing pine furniture close to heat sources, such as radiators and fires.

Do not get wet - When cleaning use a mildly damp cloth, but ensure that water does not remain on the surface, as this can seep in and cause rot or warping. Also, avoid using chemicals of any kind when cleaning, as these can negatively affect the wood.

Use a coaster - Do not place drinking vessels, particularly those containing hot beverages, directly onto the surface of the wood, as this can cause staining and leave permanent marks.