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Painted Pine Furniture

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Painted pine furniture: A modern look at an economical price
If you’re planning on redecorating your home or a particular room and want to buy new furniture to match your colour scheme, painted pine furniture is an excellent choice.
For a child’s bedroom, painted pine can be used effectively for everything from beds and bookcases to shelving and drawers. Usually available in a range of colours, painted pine bedroom furniture is very affordable, yet also sturdy, hard wearing and highly attractive.
In the dining room, painted pine can help create a warm ambience in which to enjoy evening meals, while also being easily cleanable and maintained. Meanwhile, painted pine furniture in the living room can be used to give a sense of either contemporary chic or traditional elegance.
Often, painted pine is used to cover the overall construction of units of furniture, whilst the top and any knobs or fittings may be waxed pine. This creates an attractive contrast between the two surfaces, and when used as a compliment to an overall room design it can work beautifully.
If you’re looking for an economical yet eye catching way to redesign your home, painted pine furniture may be just what you’re looking for.