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Brilliant beeswax best for oak furniture

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Solid hardwood furniture, such as oak, should be treated with a high quality finishing product at least three to four times a year.

There are different products on the market to choose from including boiled linseed oil, varnish and commercial spray polishes, but one of the best products you can use to protect your oak furniture is beeswax. This natural product gives your oak furniture a deep and radiant shine while nourishing and protecting both natural and finished surfaces.

With rising consumer concern about the environment and the subsequent move away from synthetic products, beeswax wood polish is a great choice, since the recipe is based on a traditional method that has been tried and tested over generations and only natural ingredients are used. Furthermore, beeswax has an inoffensive odour that is not guaranteed from a more chemical-based product.

One of the best things about using beeswax is that the polish is very easy to apply. First of all, make sure your oak furniture is clean before you start polishing, as this can affect the final appearance. Then, only sparsely rub the beeswax into your oak furniture and, afterwards, wait for roughly five minutes. When that time has elapsed, buff all of the wood with a clean cloth while working along the grain for the best results.