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Kitchen design tips

Monday, January 31st, 2011

While the living room is usually the centre of social and family life in any house, and a haven for relaxation, the kitchen could be seen as the beating heart of the home. Perhaps the most functional room of any home, designing your kitchen to suit your specific needs and those of your family is a great way to improve the lifestyle of everyone in the household.

The size of the kitchen and the amount of space you have available will clearly have a large effect on the kitchen design choices you make, but here are a few general tips for creating the kitchen of your dreams.

  • If space allows, a small oak or pine dining table in the kitchen can be a wonderful addition. If you already have a separate dining room, having a table in the kitchen can be a great place for the whole household to start the day with morning coffee and breakfast.
  • Often overlooked in the kitchen, chairs or stools around work surfaces can transform the way you use your kitchen. While it serves an important function as the main food preparation area of the home, the kitchen can also be a place to relax and read the paper, and comfortable seating goes a long way.
  • Work surfaces- An easily cleanable, attractive and spacious work surface is perhaps the most important element of any kitchen. For this reason, it’s wise to make a decision on this piece of kitchen furniture first, and then plan other additions around it.
  • Cupboards and shelves- Due to the amount of crockery, utensils and other such things generally found in a kitchen, carefully selecting kitchen cupboards and shelves in which to store these items is important. Pine or oak cupboards can be an ideal compliment to your kitchen setup, and are both attractive and easy to clean and maintain.