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Oak and pine furniture pieces are sure to stand out

Monday, March 21st, 2011

When it comes to furnishing your home the options available to you are seemingly endless. Whether you are trying to lend your house a feeling of continuity and motif, or even if you favour a more eclectic look, picking and choosing the right pieces can be a minefield. For the most part, modern furniture pieces are making an attempt at setting themselves apart from traditional furniture design styles, but in reality most of the time its hard to better the archetypal staples that have really stood the test of time. While materials and shapes become more and more outlandish, it’s often more effective and satisfying to stick with something a little more timeless. Something that enjoys what has become before, but does not ignore modern tastes and demands.

Pine wood furniture in the raw is a tasteful and timeless option to furnish your home. It wears its craftsmanship on its sleeves and is bound to remain a dependable part of your home for years to come as pieces like this are certainly built to last. Keeping things stripped back and not overcomplicating the layout in your home will help you stay relaxed. Applying varnish or even a lick of paint is an easy and effective way of rejuvenating something you’ve kept as part of your home for a long time, and there’s a real sense of pride to be had when you’ve added your own personal touch. 

Despite the more traditional nature of these materials, oak or pine furniture definitely has the ability to be eye-catching with a surprising level of modernity. An oak bed or pine chest of drawers stands out among the majority of modern furniture pieces and can even act as a means of giving a room an unexpected twist. Try mixing the various styles together to create something entirely your own.

New year, new furniture

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Come January 1st many people seek to make changes and revitalise their lives. For some it’s ridding themselves of a bad habit, taking up a new hobby or getting fit. For other’s a new year is a chance to change things around in their home. If you’re planning on giving your house a makeover this January, here are a few tips for purchasing new furniture.

Choose your materials wisely - Not all woods are created equal. When choosing your new furniture it’s important to think about the unique qualities of each type of wood and how they fit into your overall ambitions and plans for your new layout. Oak for example is a little more expensive than other types of wood, but it is extremely long lasting and generally looks great aesthetically. Pine furniture on the other hand is much cheaper, but not as durable, so is perfect for anyone on a budget who may be planning on upgrading at a later point.

Measure up accurately - When buying new furniture for your home it is essential to accurately measure the available space you have and take note of the sizes of individual furniture pieces which you plan to buy. It can help to draw up a plan of your room to scale, and then pencil in furniture items which you are thinking of buying, to ensure that everything fits comfortably and that you will have enough space left over.

Coordinate - Think about how different shades and grains of wood furniture will compliment or clash with each other. If you’re planning on redecorating entirely, it may be helpful to compare colour swatches with pictures of the wood grains you are thinking of for your furniture.

Feng Shui for Furniture

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Feng Shui  is an ancient Chinese art and philosophy which focuses on how the arrangement of material objects, such as furniture, can affect the flow of positive energy (known as Qi/Chi), and thus the health, wellbeing and happiness of the individual.

According to Feng Shui all objects, whether living or inanimate, contain energy which can affect things and persons within their immediate vicinity.

The Five Elements- Feng Shui proposes that everything is made from five main elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood. Each of these elements interacts with the four other elements, either harmoniously or conflictingly.

Yin and yang- In addition to these five elements, everything is said to have energy which is either ‘Yin’ or ‘Yang. Yin is a passive form of energy, while Yang is active. The basis of mastering Feng Shui in the home is to arrange your furniture and other elements in a way that creates perfect balance between Yin and Yang energies.

Clearly it is not possible to go into the theory of Feng Shui in any depth in such a short article, but the most important aspect is to grasp the idea that everything you place within a room will have an effect not only on your own energies, but on the energies of every other piece of furniture you place near it.

If you feel that your house is chaotic and perhaps noisy, try incorporating some furniture which will increase the amount of calming Yin energy in your home. Conversely, if a particular room feels quiet or sterile, try introducing some Yang elements which have vibrant colours.