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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Sometimes you may find that a room is lacking a certain something, but you’re not quite sure what. Often, the addition of a mirror to your room’s decor and furnishings can be an elegant and attractive space filler that is as functional as it is appealing to look at.

A mirror can be an ideal way of creating the illusion of space in rooms which seem a little small, and provide a greater feeling of air and depth within the room. Wall mirrors can look particularly good when combined with picture frames, whether in a hallway, in the living room or the bedroom.

A solid oak mirror hanging above the fireplace can add a touch of class to your home, or if placed near a window can create a greater sense of brightness and warmth.

Bedroom mirrors on the other hand can provide a subtle yet immensely functional decorative feature. Perfect for trying on new clothes, applying makeup or experimenting with a new hairstyle, mirrors in the bedroom can look great either hanging on a wall or freestanding on a dressing table. When combined with attractive pine or oak furniture the overall effect can be charmingly beautiful yet wonderfully minimalist.