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Donating your old furniture to charity

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

If you’re planning on replacing your furniture in the new year and are wondering what to do with your old furniture, donating it to charity could do someone else the world of good. Moreover, it will prevent useful oak and pine furniture from having its life cut short festering away on a rubbish tip, and conserve natural resources.

According to the Furniture Re-use Network (FRN), 10 million furniture items are thrown away each year by people in the UK. Of these, it estimates that 3 million could be re-used, and many more repaired to be useful once more.

 The FRN is a non-profit organisation which helps to coordinate and promote the efforts of 400 furniture reuse and recycling organisations across the UK. Many of these organisations collect oak and pine furniture and other household items that are no longer needed, and pass them on to low income families in the UK who cannot afford to buy new furniture. According to Department of Work and Pensions statistics from 2007, four million children in the UK live in homes that cannot afford to replace old or broken furniture.

If you have old furniture which you are planning to get rid of and want it to go to a good cause, visit , where you will find an interactive map detailing the nearest furniture re-use charities in your area.