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Bedroom furniture for kids

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

When it comes to bedroom furniture, kids can be difficult to please. As a parent, the most important thing to you is no doubt ensuring that they get a good night’s sleep in a bed that is comfortable and supportive. But kids being kids, they want something a little more exciting than a conventional bed.

Our range of children’s beds can satisfy both of these needs. Made from coated MDF, they come in  a variety of sizes and shapes, colourfully designed to make bedtime seem a little less dull.

Car shaped beds are often particularly popular with boys, and we can provide a wide variety of these, with or without a mattress. Most boys love colourful racing cars, and we have a selection of Formula One styled racing car beds available in a number of colours. Or there’s the wonderfully imaginative fire engine bed, for all those aspiring firemen and women of the future.

Alternatively, our jeep beds can give your child’s bedroom a wonderfully outdoorsy feel and are suitable for both boys and girls alike, coming in either blue or pink.

Or, if you’ve got two siblings sharing a room, a solid pine bunk bed is an ideal choice for making the most of the available floor space in the room.