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Create a cosy atmosphere with pine furniture

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Beyond the obvious benefits of its durable construction, ease of protection and its ability to work in a number of styles and rooms around the house, pine furniture in particular is a great way of lending your home and aged and cosy atmosphere. Even one or two pieces can transform the look of room, and leave your house feeling a lot more like a home. 

The kitchen is in many ways the engine room of the house. It’s bound to be full of life with food being prepared, children running around and muddying the floor, and, of course, a fair amount of lounging around. It becomes something of a social hub meaning many families spend a lot of quality time there, so it’s important that it’s the kind of place you can all feel comfortable and at home. An oak or pine dining table is a great centrepiece that everyone can gather around, and it’s bound to be tough enough to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of the home. The two wood types give you the choice between dark and light, whereas pine is the perfect material to add a splash of colour to. Painted pine can really make your kitchen more dynamic and welcoming as well as presenting a great opportunity to express yourself. 

Giving your bedroom that cosy feeling with all the benefits of a truly robust construction is easily done with some pine bedroom furniture. The bed itself is naturally the most important piece in the room so getting it right is paramount. Natural wood grain can really stand out as something to be proud of among other more synthetic furniture materials and may even influence other furniture choices, whether in the bedroom or around the house. Pair your pine bed with pine wardrobes to give your bedroom a feeling of continuity.

Tips for buying furniture for your new home

Friday, December 24th, 2010

For anyone moving into their first home, one of the foremost concerns is filling it with furniture that is both practical and looks good. Doing so can be an expensive process, but by carefully picking out items of furniture that will last for many years, the associated costs can be mitigated in the long run.

Choosing furniture that goes well with a variety of colour schemes is a good idea, as one day you may opt to redecorate or move home entirely. Aesthetically, a good strategy is to use one type of furniture in each individual room- for example, pine furniture in the living room and oak furniture in the dining room.

When buying wooden furniture the type of wood from which it is constructed is especially important, as each wood has its own unique qualities. For example, pine furniture is generally cheaper than most hardwood furniture but is less durable, while oak furniture is slightly more expensive but pays for itself in the long run by being extremely durable and has a long lifetime. 

While aesthetic appeal is of course important, it is also advisable to think long and hard about how a particular piece of furniture will fulfil the practical function for which you require it and fit into the overall scheme of your home decor. For example, while a particular dining table may look stunning in the showroom, it will quickly become an irritation if it doesn’t allow sufficient room around it for everyday activities.