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Oak and pine furniture pieces are sure to stand out

Monday, March 21st, 2011

When it comes to furnishing your home the options available to you are seemingly endless. Whether you are trying to lend your house a feeling of continuity and motif, or even if you favour a more eclectic look, picking and choosing the right pieces can be a minefield. For the most part, modern furniture pieces are making an attempt at setting themselves apart from traditional furniture design styles, but in reality most of the time its hard to better the archetypal staples that have really stood the test of time. While materials and shapes become more and more outlandish, it’s often more effective and satisfying to stick with something a little more timeless. Something that enjoys what has become before, but does not ignore modern tastes and demands.

Pine wood furniture in the raw is a tasteful and timeless option to furnish your home. It wears its craftsmanship on its sleeves and is bound to remain a dependable part of your home for years to come as pieces like this are certainly built to last. Keeping things stripped back and not overcomplicating the layout in your home will help you stay relaxed. Applying varnish or even a lick of paint is an easy and effective way of rejuvenating something you’ve kept as part of your home for a long time, and there’s a real sense of pride to be had when you’ve added your own personal touch. 

Despite the more traditional nature of these materials, oak or pine furniture definitely has the ability to be eye-catching with a surprising level of modernity. An oak bed or pine chest of drawers stands out among the majority of modern furniture pieces and can even act as a means of giving a room an unexpected twist. Try mixing the various styles together to create something entirely your own.

Create a cosy atmosphere with pine furniture

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Beyond the obvious benefits of its durable construction, ease of protection and its ability to work in a number of styles and rooms around the house, pine furniture in particular is a great way of lending your home and aged and cosy atmosphere. Even one or two pieces can transform the look of room, and leave your house feeling a lot more like a home. 

The kitchen is in many ways the engine room of the house. It’s bound to be full of life with food being prepared, children running around and muddying the floor, and, of course, a fair amount of lounging around. It becomes something of a social hub meaning many families spend a lot of quality time there, so it’s important that it’s the kind of place you can all feel comfortable and at home. An oak or pine dining table is a great centrepiece that everyone can gather around, and it’s bound to be tough enough to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of the home. The two wood types give you the choice between dark and light, whereas pine is the perfect material to add a splash of colour to. Painted pine can really make your kitchen more dynamic and welcoming as well as presenting a great opportunity to express yourself. 

Giving your bedroom that cosy feeling with all the benefits of a truly robust construction is easily done with some pine bedroom furniture. The bed itself is naturally the most important piece in the room so getting it right is paramount. Natural wood grain can really stand out as something to be proud of among other more synthetic furniture materials and may even influence other furniture choices, whether in the bedroom or around the house. Pair your pine bed with pine wardrobes to give your bedroom a feeling of continuity.

A pine chest of drawers gives rooms shape

Monday, March 21st, 2011

A pine chest of drawers is a functional piece of furniture that provides storage in the home, and it’s also the perfect centre-piece to shape the interior design layout in a particular room.

A chest of drawers made out of pine wood is a solid and dependable piece of furniture that will last for many years, yet this item is also very versatile. This piece of furniture can be placed in the upstairs area of a home – such as in a bedroom – but a chest of drawers is also an effective addition to a home’s downstairs landing or living room.

Pine chests of drawers, given their size and presence, can give a room structure and help to create the atmosphere you desire in the home. A bare corridor can be given a point of interest through an aptly-placed pine chest of drawers, while in a bedroom this piece of furniture can complement the position of the bed. Indeed, the bed frame could be made of pine as well as the chest of drawers for a better match and greater interior continuity.

Pine has a fresh and airy colour that suits bedrooms, but through age pine will become more yellow in hue. This natural effect will make a pine chest of drawers blend into the backdrop of the room’s decor over time, creating a harmonised balance and look.