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Pine furniture makes for a better kitchen

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Not all home kitchens are blessed with a large, airy amount of space and big, open windows. However, pine furniture can lighten up and bring warmth to any kitchen for a reasonable price and as a long-term investment.

Pine furniture is usually found in the kitchen by way of cabinets and sideboards, as well as dining pine furniture for kitchens with eating spaces.

Pine is very easy to paint so, if you feel like changing the look of your kitchen, you can create a big difference with not too much effort. The pine furniture could be painted white for a more elegant style, while primary colours could be used by more ambitious homeowners with a preference for strong interior colour schemes.

Pine furniture in the kitchen is also beneficial on a practical level. Shelving can be placed on the wall – the ideal storage solution for a family’s cups and mugs, perhaps – and pine could even be used to create stacking so as to keep plates and saucers in a convenient place.

For families with young children, safety locks can easily be attached to relevant pine furniture such as cabinets and, as a softwood, pine is a good wood for a safe kitchen.

Oak furniture brings decorum to your dining room

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The dining room is one of the foremost and recognisable rooms in the home. More households now have more informal eating habits, but an oak dining table – complemented by other items of oak furniture – makes a statement, adds class to your interior.

To make the dining room more interesting and to enjoy your oak furniture more often, consider changing the dining room décor regularly. Your oak furniture and dining room table is crucial in this – the table setting can be altered by dressing the oak table in a new tablecloth for example.

Lighting is a vital component of a room’s style. A well-illuminated but understated light can give the perfect ambience to a dining room, especially when entertaining family and friends. A subtle light can be placed directly above the oak dining table in the middle of the room. Mirrors can also be placed in considered positions to maximise that light while reflecting the sheen of your oak furniture.

Regarding the oak dining room tables themselves, bear in mind how large a gathering is if you are hosting in your home. A big and grand oak dining table is perfect for a lot of people, while for smaller and more intimate gatherings excess dining spaces can be decorated with vases and glassware.

Buying a chest of drawers

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

A chest of drawers, like any significant piece of pine or oak furniture, is a long-term investment that needs consideration before purchase. Here are some things to bear in mind during the decision-making process; a method that should point to the best and most durable piece of furniture.

Firstly, you should have at least a rough idea of what you like, or what you are looking to buy. This will make the buying process focused and decisive. What you are looking for also relates to physical dimensions – if the chest of drawers is going in a certain space, make sure it will fit. Be certain of the height and width of the chest of drawers, along with the amount of drawers the chest has and their depth.

The drawers should be closely noted. Do they open smoothly? Are the handles easy to grasp? Familiarise yourself with what the dovetail joints look like, and ensure that these joints stoutly hold the front and sides of the drawer together. Furthermore, it is a good idea to check the insides of the drawers for rough areas – clothing or other items placed in the drawers could potentially snag.

Practicality is as important as style in the decision-making process. If every element of the chest of drawers functions perfectly, you are on the right track to a great chest of drawers that is ideal for your home.